PK Business Scene

Story by Steve Nussbaum | Photos by Erika Carter

It’s been a busy offseason for the businesses at Possum Kingdom Lake, with many of them expanding, making improvements and sporting new ownership. These local businesses support our great lake community, so check out a sampling of recent happenings:

LakeHaven Community (formerly The Cottages)

13285 Highway 16, Graford, TX

(940) 521-6371, [email protected]

Todd and Jilene Foust have added another property to their growing list of PK businesses. On Oct. 1 the couple purchased The Cottages on Highway 16, and they’ve spent the entire winter painting and giving the entire property a fresh look. They plan to remodel the properties as renters change.

The property includes 14 two-bedroom, one-bath homes. The Fousts are remodeling a three-bedroom, two-bath structure both as a model and a potential short-term rental, and they have made significant improvements to the road, parking and area lighting, too.

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LakeHaven Community (formerly The Cottages) under new ownership with major updates completed, and more on the horizon.

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The racetrack on the property is for lease, will build to suit.

“Six of our Hemmingway’s employees live on the property,†Jilene Foust said, adding that she sees a huge need for affordable housing in the area.

The Racetrack is for lease, and the Fousts said there are no plans for that building at this time. They hope to add some community spaces to the redevelopment and also improve the space for the residents. As of press time, there were two homes available for rent.

Motorboat Inn

1762 Park Road 36, Graford (on the peninsula) (940) 260-7874, [email protected]

The Motorboat Inn on the peninsula has a fresh new look and has been completely transformed by the new owners. Alex Payne is leading the project and has given the old inn much more than just a facelift. Every room in the inn was repainted over the winter, along with the installation of new windows, light fixtures, carpet and TVs. The first noticeable changes are the new Motorboat Inn sign and vintage boat out front. The sign’s vibe evokes the nostalgic feel of the lake and PK’s fun atmosphere. The business is taking reservations for the summer season, and Payne said bookings have been very strong.

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Newly renovated Motorboat Inn

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Inside view of one of the newly renovated rooms at Motorboat Inn

Juniper Ridge Development and Marina

3071 Park Road 36, Graford

(940) 260-2610, (real estate website)

(940) 779-3737, [email protected] (marina email)

Alex Payne and his group have made significant progress on the new luxury housing developments. They have sold 11 of the 13 homes, and the lakeside pool nicknamed “The Bunker†is now open, providing an awesome place to relax.

The Juniper Ridge Marina is open and taking reservations for 30- and 40-foot boat slip rentals, and it also has rental space for personal watercraft. The conveniently located marina is open and ready for the season, with a protective wave barrier to protect all the vessels at the marina in this highly desirable location.

The Retreat

1782 FM 2951, Graford (on the peninsula) (940) 779-2333

The third development by Alex Payne and his group is the rebirth of the hillside cabins collectively known as The Retreat. All of the cabins have been remodeled and are available for short-term rental or sale. The cabins have great views, and have access to the new pool and the soon-to-be- completed clubhouse.

Golden Cove/WaterRush Rentals

2334 Sanbar Road, Graford (940) 463-5477,

The folks at Golden Cove and WaterRush Rentals are adding a summer concert series beginning May 27. The first concert is titled “Bringin’ in the Summer†and features the Charlie Hickman band performing under the new lakeside pavilion. They plan to have a summer concert every few weeks and the businesses will be open to the public as a BYOB venue, plus cover charge. Visitors should bring their own chairs to sit back and enjoy one of the best spots on the lake to watch the sunset and listen to some music.

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Summer Concert Series begins May 27th at The Golden Cove under the new lakeside pavilion.

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The Pizza Shack

457 FM 2353, Graford

(940) 446-4006, [email protected]

The longtime Pizza Shack has been brought back to life by Ronessa Livingston and her daughter, Ashli Reed. Livingston ran the Pizza Shack from 2017 to 2019, and earlier this year she bought the business, which closed in 2022. Livingston and her daughter said they are excited to bring back some of the old favorites that customers love, including the popular hoagie sandwiches, as well as the lunch buffet and accompanying salad bar. Livingston also has added her chicken salad, a customer favorite. Beginning in May the eatery also offers a breakfast buffet and baked potato bar on Thursday nights. Livingston said she has been cooking her whole life, and she is excited to be working alongside her daughter.

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B&C North Forty (convenience and liquor store)

605 FM 2353, Graford

(940) 779-3017

B&C North Forty has a completely new building in the same location as the original structure. The original North Forty was built in 1979 and had been a fixture on the north end of the lake. Owners Bijay Chettvi and Sarban Chipalu made the decision last year to build a new building right behind the old one.

Chettvi said the added traffic on FM 2353 in front of the store had become dangerous for his customers, so it seemed like a good opportunity to expand the business at the same time.

The two of them spent all winter building the new store; once it was complete, they tore down the old building and put in a new – and much safer – parking lot.

The 4,000-square-foot store has added some popular cigars, and now offers some fresh beef, too. The owners expanded the food and deli offerings, and they plan to offer a $7.99 burger-and-fries special.  

The expanded store also features a “beer caveâ€.  This cool space makes it convenient for customers and employees to get quick and easy access to their favorite brands of beer.  The owners said they plan to expand the store’s craft beer selection during the season.

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The new B&C North Forty (convenience and Liquor store).